Lakewood Cemetery

​Future Plans for Lakewood Cemetery

Cooperstown, New York

The Board of Directors of the Lakewood Cemetery have a number of projects that they are working on for the future of our cemetery.  If you would like more information or would like to support any of these projects please send a message and consider making a donation to support one or more of these projects.

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1.  We are hoping to install a flag pole in the lower cemetery nearer the lake.

2.  We are hoping to build both a Veterans Memorial and an Emergency Services Memorial in a common area.

3.  We have a long range plan to expand to an undeveloped area of our cemetery to build a "Green Cemetery".

4.  We hope to add a common cremains scattering area for individuals who would like to have a place to spread the ashes of cremated loved ones.

If you would be interested in supporting or sponsoring any of these projects please contact us at: